We've chosen Ms. Rodneisha Danielle as our VERY FIRST Good Gift recipient. Not only is she beautiful and smart, but she has the strength to move mountains. When Rodneisha was 16, her mother adopted a baby boy and promised to give him a better life than the one he was born into. Que quickly became part of the family and was welcomed with open arms. At 18, while a freshman in college, she lost her father. Being a "Daddy's Girl", at that time, it was the absolute worst experience in her life. While dealing with the pain of his passing, she found the strength to continue with school. Her mother couldn't be more proud of her baby attending college. The neighborhood she grew up in was somewhat rough and not many made it out so her mom bragged on her babygirl every chance she could. Her mother was a special woman. Always had a smile on her face and her laugh was infectious. Mrs. Neicy had a heart of gold.  In 2010, Rodneishia graduated from Benedict College and went back to Atlanta to start a new life as a college graduate.  3 years into her "post college" life, she suddenly lost her mother. What seemed to be a simple illness, ended her life. At the age of 25, Rodneishia had now lost both parents AND accepted the responsibility of raising Que, who was 9 at the time of their mother's passing. In a matter of hours, her whole entire life seemed to crumble.... While most 25 year olds are enjoying life on their own terms, Rodneisha had become a single mother. She survived due to the support of her friends and family. Losing her mom challenged her in ways she had never experienced before and I watched as she pushed through. Never complained. Que never went without. She worked stressful jobs in order to make ends meet, but never once asked for handouts. Everytime I would see her, she had a smile on her face and a refreshing air of confidence. 

Ive known Rodneisha since she was a baby, and I know she has her mothers strength and I am very proud to make her this months Good Gift Recipient.

For this release, Rodneisha has chosen Purple and Gold (Benedict College colors) as her color choices. For each shirt pre-ordered, we will put 10% towards a Kroger gift card to award to her for her strength and commitment to her little brother. 

PreOrders will start APRIL 20 and end APRIL 30. Once they end, we will calculate her gift and announce the prize amount!!! Its simple! Shirts will then be printed and shipped!!

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