it seems simple.

There is a beautiful world out there but we would never know that if we only look at our phones and the news. There are many great humans out there doing great things! This message was created by one of them. This message serves as a friendly reminder for those that forget to be nice. 

We all learned in our early years of life to TREAT OTHERS THE WAY WE WANT TO BE TREATED, but so many have forgotten and lost their way. Being a good human means to simply just BE NICE, BE RESPECTFUL, BE COURTEOUS, BE THE CHANGE WE NEED! 

"Every time I wear my Be A Good Human shirt, people stop me and spark up conversation about my shirt and the current state of the world", said one of our awesome supporters. "Its sad that we have to remind people of this simple rule, but I love the message", said an onlooker.

Support this initiative today by purchasing a shirt and wearing it EVERYWHERE! Especially where mean people dwell!

The Good Human positive protest popped up in East Atlanta to spread love and happiness but to also raise awareness to anyone willing to look our way!! Check out the pics from our latest pop up!