be the change you want to see.

Although we are not yet a nonprofit organization, we still make moves as if we are. The founder, Becky "Bex" Russell has a passion for community service dating back to 1999. While working with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, Becky did annual "give back" projects either for the community or to raise money for the YMCA's programs. After her departure from the nonprofit company, Becky continued doing her own projects for the less fortunate in Nashville, TN. through coat/ clothing / hygiene drives, clean up supplies for the flood victims, or trash pick ups.

Becky relocated to Atlanta in 2011 and brainstormed how she could continue her community efforts. She created "BYOUTEES" (beauties), a girls club consisting of 5-6 teen girls. The group would do monthly community projects and have fun doing it! As the girls grew older, their focus changed and Becky ended BYOUTEES and renamed it "The Neighborhood Heroes". The purpose behind the name is to show that each and everyone of us have the ability to be a hero! Every good deed, kind act, or even a simple smile can make you a hero. With the main focus on teens, TNH plans to make a difference in the communities that need it most.